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Management is the root, quality is the foundation,
innovation is the way, and service is the road

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  • March: awarded the "2018 China Real Estate Development Enterprise Top 500 Excellent Green Building Aluminium Profile Suppliers";
    March: awarded the "Old Story 'Craftsmanship" Column Enterprise" issued by the "Craftsmanship" Column Group of Old Story Channel of CCTV Central News Documentary Film Factory (Group);
    April: awarded the "Member of Foshan High-Tech Industry Association";
    May: Jihua Aluminium awarded the "Quality Pioneer Exhibition Product" certificate in 2018-2019 Quality Brand Pioneer Activity held by www.cqn.com.cn
    In August 28th, "Ingenuity" was first released on CCTV's old story channel in thirty years.
  • Won "high and new technology enterprise";
    March: awarded the "2018 China Real Estate Development Enterprise Top 500 Preferred Wood Grain Heat Insulation Aluminium Profile Suppliers";
    June: listed in the White List of "CURA First Batch of Green Suppliers", and Nanhai District "Export Quality Demonstration Enterprise";
    November: awarded "Guangdong Province Energy Conservation and Eco-Friendly Aluminium Profile Curtain Wall System Engineering Technical Research Center".
  • Awarded "QUALISINO" certificate and "QUALISINO Member" certificate;
    Awarded the Non-Ferrous Product Physical Quality Golden Cup certificate issued by China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association;
    October: the new product developed by the Company obtained 5 national utility model patent certificates again;
    Participated in the revision of GB/ T8013 "Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Anodic Oxidation Film and Organic Polymer Film" series standards;
  • Awarded the "Top 10 Brands of Aluminium Materials in China" certificate, "Top 10 Brands of China Technological Innovation Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Industry" and "State Special Spot Check Quality Benchmarking Enterprise" certificate; "Guangdong Enterprises Which Honor Contract and Keep Promise" for 24 years;
  • Business registration of "Guangdong Jihua Aluminium Co., Ltd."
  • Awarded "Non-ferrous Metals Product Physical Quality Golden Cup";
  • The management of the Company was upgraded, and Jihua Aluminium awarded "Standardization Good Practice" AAA Enterprise;
  • Participated in the drafting of national standard GB/T 28289-2012 "Composite Performance Test Method of Aluminium Alloy Heat-Insulating Profile". Industrial standard YS/T 781.4 -2012 "Clean Production Level Evaluation Technical Requirements on Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Pipe, Rod and Profile Industry --- Part 4: Fluorocarbon Paint Spraying Product".
  • Awarded "Excellent Management Award";
  • Participated in the drafting of industrial standard YS/T 730-2010 "Aluminium Alloy Wood Grain Section Bar for Construction";
  • Participate in the drafting of national standard GB 5237.2-2008 "Aluminium Alloy Building Profiles - Part 2: Anodic Oxidation Profiles"
  • "Jihua Brand" trademark was entitled as "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark";
  • Obtained "Key Hi-Tech Enterprise" certificate, in the same year, entitled "Guangdong Province Famous Brand Product";
  • Obtained "National Level Torque Program Project" certificate with the "Powder Spraying Thermal Transfer Metal Decorative Materials" certificate;
    In May, Jiahua Aluminium was recognized as "Foshan Planned Aluminium Material Deep Processing Engineering Technical Research and Development center" and "Guangdong Province High-Tech Enterprise" by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province;
  • Introduced Italy aluminium material and aluminium plate wood grain thermal transfer equipment and technology, leading the development of wood grain aluminium products in the industry;
  • Awarded "Guangdong Province Quality Product" and "National Market Users Satisfied Products";
  • In April, Jihua Aluminium undertook the China Aluminium Alloy and Glass Curtain Wall Standard Atlas Drafting Meeting and participated in the formulation of the standard;
  • Awarded "Aluminium Profile Manufacturer for National Standard Design Doors and Windows" by Standard Institute of Ministry of Construction;
  • Awarded CQM certificate and Germany TUV Quality System certificate;
  • Foshan Jihua Aluminium, in the era of reform and opening-up, dares to be the first, has developed the well-known "Jihua Aluminium Sections" which has earned high recognition from consumers;